In 2012, the total output value of China's plastics industry was nearly 1.7 trillion yuan.

From the Guangzhou press conference of the 27th China International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition held recently, it was learned that in 2013...

Plastics are also becoming more widely used

The application range of plastics is also becoming wider and wider, and various new technologies and new applications of self-sealing bags are emerging one after another. Recently...

Plastic product polypropylene catalyst

The plastic product polypropylene catalyst PSP-01 independently researched and developed by PetroChina Research Institute of Petroleum and Chemical Industry was officially put into use in Dalian Petrochemical's annual 200,000 tons plastic products polypropylene plant.

Automotive plastics are the largest downstream applications for plastics

With the development of lightweight vehicles and the increase in automobile production, the amount of automotive plastics is increasing. The average amount of plastic used per vehicle has grown from 50-60KG in the early 1970s to the current 150KG,

EU will reduce the use of lightweight plastic bags

The European Commission has adopted a launch to require European member states to reduce the use of lightweight plastic shopping bags, especially to reduce the consumption of plastic bags less than 50 microns thick.